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Series Description

In "Settings", we examine memorable scenes from games throughout the ages and analyze unique experiences only enjoyable through the medium of video gaming.

Series Contributors

Settings: Skyrim


Skyrim's world is one with stories that are grotesque, horrifying, epic, powerful, lighthearted, and humorous all, and Sanguine's quest provides some levity in what many might think of as a generally serious game.

Settings: Earthbound


Ness and Friends' adventures in the Dusty Dunes Desert and their consequences in Fourside keep the middle of the game fresh and entertaining, adding plenty of memorable scenes and locales to the plot without getting tiresome or filler-esque.

Settings: Portal


This is a game with complete mastery of revealing as little information as possible to the players, and the speed with which the player learns the truth of their predicament in the final hour or so of the game is a testament to Valve's storytelling.